Why Use Clay Plaster?

Lime clay plaster is made from natural hydraulic lime and natural clay, which is a low carbon, environmentally friendly and extremely flexible, giving it the ability to accommodate slight movement in a building without cracking. All our plasters provide buildings with breathability through humidity buffering, reducing the risk of condensation and creating a healthier living space.

Lime clay plaster is ideal for damp and condensation is high as well as historic conservation work, which can insulate heat and regulates temperature thought out the property.

clay plaster


With the high-quality and environmentally-friendly Carema lime clay plaster, Otterbein provides the perfect solution for optimal comfort in all of your rooms. The particular material characteristics of Carema make it an ecologically-sound premium wall covering which keeps its promise over its entire life.


Due to their open pore structure Otterbein lime clay plasters are vapour permeable. They are able to absorb excess humidity and release it when the humidity level falls, creating a more pleasant consistent room climate.

Helpful to allergy sufferers

Otterbein plasters do not contain cement or any preservatives, solvents or plasticizers, with the ability to regulate humidity means they are especially favourable to allergy sufferers. Otterbein plasters have been awarded “suitable for allergy suffers” from the German Institute for Environment and Health.

Mould repellant

Having a high pH level, the lime act as a mould repellent. This is a benefit in areas where sealed windows prevent movement of air.


Otterbein plasters allow for slight movement in the substrate, reducing the possibility of cracks appearing.

Environmentally friendly

The manufacture of lime produces less carbon dioxide than the manufacture of conventional building products. Lime also absorbs carbon dioxide when curing.


Being pre-mixed from the factory removes the possibility of errors in ratio or choice of aggregate during site mixing.

Otterbein Product Range

Lime Clay Priming Plaster
clay priming plaster

This versatile base coat provides great results on difficult suction backgrounds. Otterbein lime clay priming plaster is the perfect choice for working on both undercoats and board backgrounds on the same job.

Lime Clay Fine Plaster
clay fine plaster

This versatile fine coat plaster provides good results on most suction backgrounds. Its flexibility also makes it an ideal choice for small repair jobs and patching.