Why Use Lime Render?

Otterbein lime renders are used in sustainable building as well as historic building preservation and restoration. They are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards and are subject to continuous in-plant and third party monitoring. They are vapor permeable with good capillarity and flexibility. Our products can be sprayed by machine or applied by hand.

The lime renders come pre-mixed to prevent problems that can occur when site mixed, such as incorrect ratios and poor aggregates. Otterbein products were used in many prestigious refurbishment projects across the world, from Colosseum in Rome and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

lime render



Lime render is vapour permeable, allowing moisture to move from the substrate through to the air outside. Cement traps moisture in the building, which can cause the it to separate from the substrate.


Otterbein lime renders have a low modulus of elasticity, This allows for slight movement and thermal expansion.

Resistance To Cracks

An Otterbein lime based products sets slowly and to a lower strength compared to cement. This reduces the possibility of cracks in the wall.


Otterbien lime renders are pre-mixed in the factory. This removes the possibility of errors in ratio or choice of aggregate that can occur during site mixing.

Environmentally Friendly

The manufacture of hydraulic lime produces less carbon dioxide than cement production. Lime absorbs carbon dioxide as part of its curing process.


Otterbein lime renders have the qualities of breathability and flexibility and they are manufactured to a high uniform quality, and are less likely to fail than a cementitious types available on the market today.

Otterbein Product Range

Lime Priming Plaster

The Otterbein base coat can be used over a variety of substrates from block work, masonry or stone backgrounds. Otterbein base coat can be used internally and externally and is 100% free from cement, perfect for conservation and restoration of old listed buildings and new builds.

Fine Lime Plaster
fine lime render

Calcea fine lime plaster (render) is a finishing coat which can be used in restoration work and new builds. Calcea lime paint can be applied to the finishing coat to complement the breathable render.

heritage lime render

Why Use Histocal Lime Render?

The Histocal range are 100% free from cement and therefore highly suitable for work on historic buildings and monuments. They harden slowly and are flexible so they will absorb movement. They have natural capillarity and a high water vapor diffusion capacity to enable substrates to lose moisture quickly through the Histocal render. The high alkalinity prevents the build up of algae, which is particularly important in historic buildings restoration. Histocal is trusted around the world which have been used in many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Traditional Pure Render Coarse
traditional lime render

A lime rich render for historic building restoration. The combination of hydraulic set and carbonation mean that the render cures slowly reducing the risk of cracking.

Traditional Pure Render Fine
traditional lime render

A fine finishing coat for exterior render. The high alkalinity of Otterbein limes prevent the growth of algae in a natural way, meaning no need for biocides.

Through Coloured Lime Render
Traditional London
Traditional London
Bath Stone
Bath Stone
Cambridge Dark Grey
Cambridge Dark Grey
Glasgow Grey
Glasgow Grey
Padstow Brown
Padstow Brown