gun pointing mortar

Why Use Gun Pointing Mortar?

Limepoint is a lime pointing mortar designed specifically for pointing joints by a modern mortar gun or bag injection. Limepoint is perfect solution for stone cladding walls or for conventional wall, which require repointing. Our ready mixed lime mortar uses the best sharp grit sand and bespoke pigments to make the job quick and easy.

Benefits Of Gun Pointing Mortar

Easy To Use

before lime mortar pointing

Our gun pointing mortar is very easy to use. No need for mix ratios, simply add water to the mix and away you go.

No Blockages

pointing gun

Our lime pointing mortar has been designed and engineered to work with modern mortar guns and bag injection. So you can carry on with the job in hand, without water running out of the gun.


lime mortar gun pointing

Pointing can be very time consuming when using a trowel, our gun pointing mortar makes it quick and easy to fill the joint.

Ready Mixed Gun Pointing Mortar

Our ready mixed bag is perfect choice for restoration projects as its quick, easy to use and works flawlessly in modern pointing guns. We can be supplied in 25kg bags for small jobs for the DIYer or a 1 tonne bulk bags for rebuilding a walls; which can be delivered next day.

Limepoint - gun pointing mortar
Why Use Coloured Lime Mortar?

Our coloured hydraulic lime mortar will give you the perfect match for repointing your old house, or significant aesthetic improvements on your new build. Our bespoke ready mixed colour matching service is easy, fast and practical. We also supplied a range of bespoke conservation area colours for heritage and listed buildings, such as London, Cotswold and a variety of other counties across the United Kingdom.

Traditional London
Traditional London
Cambridge Dark Grey
Cambridge Dark Grey
Padstow Brown
Padstow Brown
Light Grey
Glasgow Grey
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