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Built with Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortar


Lime mortar has been a trusted construction material for centuries. 

Our 'modern day', Hydraulic, lime mortar is a versatile and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cement-based mortars. It offers several advantages that align with the sustainable construction practices and the growing need for eco-friendly materials. 

Fundamental in the development of a commercial, pre-mixed, hydraulic lime mortar, Limetec have manufactured and supplied a sustainable and high-performing, hydraulic lime mortar to the UK construction industry for over 20 years. 

We offer a comprehensive colour range of pre-mixed, hydraulic lime mortars that cater to various construction needs. 

Our products are produced under factory conditions and undergo rigorous testing to meet industry standards for performance, sustainability and reliability. 

We are dedicated to providing architects like yourself, with the tools and support necessary, to introduce lime mortar into your sustainable designs. 

We invite you to explore the possibilities of hydraulic lime mortar its potential, in meeting the demands of contemporary building projects.


90% of a buildings environmental impact is defined by the very earliest decisions

Natural Hydraulic Lime is perfectly suited for new build and can play an important role in the future of modern construction


Building Relationships

We understand, as an architect, you have to balance relationships with several parties including general contractors, builders, local authorities and ultimately, the client. 

With our partner resources, we provide you with the all the information and tools required, to assist everyone involved.

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Planning Considerations

Important when trying to meet local planning requirements or create buildings that are sympathetic to a local identity, a lime mortar joint creates a unique finish that blends naturally into a locality, something that is difficult with more contemporary products. 

Our lime mortars are regularly specified for heritage areas, sensitive sites and areas already surrounded by lime built buildings.

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Complementing Brick Choice

With mortar joints accounting for approximately 17% of visible masonry, lime mortar creates a softer texture than that of a cement based product, complementing the appearance of both contemporary and traditional buildings. 

The aesthetic benefits of lime mortar comes in part, from the calcite crystals present within it and the double refraction of light, these create.

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Consistency throughout

Limetec Hydraulic Lime Mortars are pre-mixed mortars, manufactured under factory conditions, to guarantee consistency of strength and colour throughout the build. 

Avoiding the potential problems, inconsistencies and the additional time involved when mixing individual components on site, a pre-mixed lime mortar is an ideal material choice.


Collaborative Partnership

We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our architect partners.

When you choose Limetec, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to the success of your project.

We value open communication, prompt responses, and a personalised approach, to ensure that your needs are met at every step of the way.

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