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Hydraulic Lime Mortar

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Why use hydraulic lime mortar? 

Lime Mortar has been used in the construction of buildings for over 2000 years, and used on the most iconic historical landmarks across the world. For example, the Great Wall of China, the Houses of Parliament and Rome Colosseum. These historical buildings are still here today, due to its unique beneficial properties.

25 Kilogram Bags
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1 Tonne Bulk Bags
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On Site Silo
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What are the benefits?

Lime gives the building the ability to flex and move wihtout the need for movement joints in many cases.
There are many other benefits for using it too.


Which should I use?

Strength is the most important aspect when rebuilding your wall or pointing it. There are two strengths generally; depending on what type of brick, masonry, block work and location you are working on. Also, there are two types of finishes which will require a certain product, a very thin joint which is 6mm and below or a 7mm and above joint size.


Award Winning Heritage Range

Our range of colours will give you the perfect match, for your new build. Our bespoke colour matching service is easy and fast. The Limetec Heritage Range are bespoke for New build projects of any size including silos as well as for conservation areas for listed buildings. Our Heritage range is regularly used in London, Oxford and Cambridge and across the United Kingdom.

*Please Note: Colours shown are for indication only. Please ask for mortar sample sticks to gauge exact colour requirements.


Have a technical question?

If you have a question or require information on any of our products, please leave a message and one of our experts will reply as soon as possible.

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