55 Victoria Street ia a residential conversion and extension of an original office building and has adopted traditional 19th Century brickwork techniques, including the use of Limetec Heritage Glasgow Grey lime mortar, alongside 21st Century off-site technology to produce a striking contemporary design with softened brickwork features. The site of this multi-story project, located in the centre of the City of Westminster, had significant constraints requiring high levels of logistics management.

Off-site fabrication of brick lintels, soffits and panels were an essential element of the projects delivery alongside a just in time delivery and installation solution. To ensure the quality of the lime mortar pointing and the continuity of traditionally built elements of the facade lime mortar was mixed by hand on the scaffold. This allowed for the correct granular make up of the mortar ensuring a high quality finish on this high-end residential development whilst also ensuring the correct compressive strength for design performance.

The completed brick clad project makes a strong urban statement at a kink in Victoria Street, and this is amplified by the use of a distinctive grey lime mortar from Limetecs Heritage range, and a peppery choice of brick. The base of the building is enlivened with random insertions of darker glazed bricks. The elevations above ground are ordered simply, reflecting the regular structural pattern of the original building.