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Natural Hydraulic Lime
Natural Hydraulic Lime
Ready Mix Hydraulic Lime Mortar
Ready Mix Hydraulic Lime Mortar
Lime Putty
Lime Putty
Limetec NHL 3.5 Moderately Hydraulic Lime Mortar (HLM 3.5) can be used for permeable masonry materials which is mainly used above ground. Generally, it is used for bricks, facings, commons, blockwork, bedding, sandstone, limestone, flint, terracotta, cavity and solid walls, pointing and repointing.Order 40 bags and get £1 off each bag
Otterbein NHL 5 Eminently Hydraulic Lime is commonly used for the foundations of buildings, coastal locations, or for parapets, coping’s and chimneys in external areas.Order 40 bags and get £1 off each bag
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