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Ready Mix Hydraulic Lime Mortar
Ready Mix Hydraulic Lime Mortar
Our Cambridge Lime Mortar is a rich blend of NHL 3.5 hydraulic lime and aggregates to provide you with a long lasting high quality finish. We have worked closely with local Cambridge conservationist and contractors to provide you with a bespoke heritage colour to repair your listed building or new build.   Our Cambridge lime mortar is the perfect choice for above ground work; for example, pointing, bedding of bricks, blockwork and terracotta.
Our NHL 3.5 lime mortar is the number one choice for London’s listed buildings. The London mortar has a bespoke yellow colour, which has been mixed with a natural blend of natural hydraulic NHL 3.5 lime and well-rounded aggregate to provide you with the best finish possible. Our Traditional London Mortar has been used on a variety of heritage listed buildings and new build projects, including the restoration of St Pancras International Station.
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